Welcome to Bond Coffee Company


Bond Coffee Company is the hub of the Gulch. Located in the Icon building in the heart of Nashville’s booming Gulch neighborhood, Bond is the café of choice for Gulch residents, visitors and businesses.

Bond Coffee Co. is a full-service cafe, with breakfast, lunch, dinner and specialty coffees and teas.

Our coffee comes from Kaldi’s Coffee, located in St. Louis.  Before it reaches Kaldi’s, however, it comes from all corners of the world.  We serve a selection of single origin and blends, roasted to accentuate the unique flavors of the beans.  We have coffee to suit any taste, from the experienced coffee connoisseur to the casual caffeine lover who doesn’t have time to make a cup at home.

Whether you have business, interviews, meetings with friends or work to do, come to Bond Coffee Company and let us be a space where your tastes can be satisfied in Bond Family and Gulch style.